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二、是用通用的编程语言如C++、VB、Delphi,还有就是现在日渐流行的Netframework 。用通用语言写工控机程序的优点和缺点和用组态软件刚好相反。它对编程人员的要求很高,特别是当你的工控程序很大的时侯。

但是NI公司开发的 Measurement Studio 系列给我们这些用通用语言的程序员提供了一个相当于组态软件功能的组件,这样,我们就能实现和组态软件开发工控软件一样的开发速度。而且,我们还具有了组态软件所没有的灵活性,这样,工控程序的性能就只在于程序员的水平,而不是由某种特定的组态软件所决定的。

本人用Measurement Studio 也有4年了,感觉它非常的好用,不但在界面设计上,Measurement Studio 还提供了非常多的工控程序常用的分析算法比如提供了运动控制组件。等等。。。

下面是摘自NI公司的关于最新的Measurement studio 8.0的介绍。

What's New in Measurement Studio

What's New in Measurement Studio 8.0

National Instruments Measurement Studio continues to turn Visual Studio .NET into an engineering workbench with new user interface controls, more than 80 new analysis methods, and additional hardware support.

New User Interface Controls

Digital Waveform Graph
With the digital waveform graph, you can plot digital waveform data. Using the digital waveform graph, you can configure plot labels on the y-axis and construct plot templates to customize plots. You can display the data in sample or time mode, and you can simultaneously display waveforms and signals or display signals only.

Complex Graph
With the complex graph, you can plot and chart complex double data consisting of both real and imaginary components. You can configure the graph to contain multiple plots to show separate but related data on the same graph, in addition to including multiple axes with independent ranges so that plot data fits the graph plot area.

Property Editor
With the property editor control, you create applications that enable your end users to configure properties for Windows Forms controls at run time. You can edit properties of any .NET type at run time, including collections, and you can edit expandable properties that represent nested properties of another object, such as major divisions of an axis.


New Analysis Library and Improved Performance

More Than 80 New Analysis Methods for .NET and C++
The Advanced Analysis Library now includes new curve fitting, windowing, linear algebra, signal processing, and special functions.

The new Measurement Studio analysis library provides enhanced performance, with up to 40 percent performance increases for fast Fourier transforms. Additional performance increases include:

  • Use of the Intel Math Kernel Library to provide high-performance implementation of linear algebra functionality
  • BLAS/LAPACK algorithms to decrease computation time for linear algebra functions and to provide more accurate results

For a complete list of analysis methods, see Measurement Studio Analysis.


Enhancements to Existing Measurement Studio .NET Controls

Interactive Axis Range Editing
For the graph and numeric pointer controls, you can interactively change the range of an axis and invert the axis at run time by clicking on the axis end labels.

Custom Scale Range Fills
For the numeric pointer controls, you can fill the scale and configure the range, color, dimensions, and style of the fill.

More Than 100 Percent Improved Charting Performance
For the graph controls, you now have faster charting performance when you are charting data continuously.


NI-VISA .NET Class Library Updates

Support for IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
Use the .NET Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (VISA) API to communicate at high speeds with IEEE 1394 devices such as cameras and instruments.

Formatted I/O
Add formatted I/O to your instrument control applications to quickly create and parse messages that include integer, floating-point numbers, characters, strings, and binary data.


Additional Measurement Studio 8.0 Features

  • Digital waveform data type
  • Run-time interaction with the graphs without the modifier key
  • Ability to configure graph origin lines
  • Map device coordinates to data values on graph controls


What's New in Measurement Studio 7.1

Seven Native .NET User Interface Controls

Seven Native .NET User Interface Controls In addition to the Measurement Studio 7.0 graphs, LEDs, and switches, you now receive seven new extensible .NET controls with Measurement Studio 7.1, including sliders, knobs, gauges, thermometers, tanks, meters, and numeric edit controls. With these controls, you can easily create professional graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for your own virtual instruments that look and feel like real-world instrumentation.

View the .NET User Interface Gallery


Enhanced Waveform and Scatter Graphs

Enhanced Waveform and Scatter Graphs The graphs in Measurement Studio 7.1 have added annotation capabilities, increased performance, and cursor and mouse labels. Graph enhancements include:

  • Point and range annotations: Highlight points and ranges of interest on your graph
  • Enhanced performance: Increase performance 16X with methods such as PlotYAppend( ) and PlotXYAppend( )
  • Cursor and mouse labels: Enable labels to indicate the current X and Y plot location
  • Anti-aliased plots: Smooth your plots by setting the anti-aliased plots property to TRUE

View the .NET User Interface Gallery


Design Time Collection Editors

Design Time Collection Editors Increase your productivity with new Measurement Studio collection editors like the XYAnnotation Editor to quickly create and interactively configure graph annotations for highlighting points or regions of interest on your graphs. You can continue to use collection editors for plots, axes, and cursors.


Property Window Enhancements

Property Window Enhancements Quickly configure user interface components at design time from the properties window of Visual Studio .NET. Graphically interact with Measurement Studio 7.1 user interface properties like the start and sweep angle of gauges and caption location. These property window enhancements extend to all Measurement Studio 7.1 controls providing graphical representations of scales, label location, control style, plots, and many more.


Auto Format Menu

Auto Format Menu At design time, you can quickly set the properties of user interface controls to many predefined configurations. The graph auto format menu offers common formats such as histogram, double y-axis, and strip chart. Auto format menus also exist for controls such as gauges and knobs.


Instrument Driver .NET Wizard

Instrument Driver .NET Wizard In seconds, the integrated Instrument Driver .NET Wizard converts existing IVI, VXIplug&play, and legacy instrument drivers into Visual Basic .NET or C# .NET source code. Incorporate your existing instrument drivers into your .NET application without rewriting all of your existing instrument drivers to work with .NET.


M Series Multifunction Data Acquisition (DAQ) Support

M Series Multifunction Data Acquisition (DAQ) Support With Measurement Studio 7.1, you can take full advantage of the next generation of DAQ boards that offer improved accuracy, faster sampling, and more I/O channels. All of this functionality is provided at a lower cost per I/O channel and fully integrated into Visual Studio .NET with the DAQ Assistant. With the DAQ Assistant, you can interactively configure, test, and generate Visual Basic .NET, C# .NET, and C++ .NET source code. Learn more about M Series.


ActiveX Enhancements for Visual Studio 6.0

ActiveX Enhancements for Visual Studio 6.0
  • Graph Undo Zoom: Quickly undo zoom operations because the graph now tracks zoom commands.
  • Graph Proportional Zoom: Zoom while keeping constant the relative length of the x-axis to the y-axis.
  • Graph Zoom and Pan Events: Configure events to fire when a user zooms or pans.
  • User Interface Image Export: Copy images of Measurement Studio user interface controls.


Additional Features

  • User Interface Image Export: All .NET controls support the ability to export an image of the control to a file, the Windows clipboard, an image, or a stream.
  • Copy Column: This method copies the specified row of a 2D array to a 1D array. This is useful when extracting interleaved data from a DAQ read.
  • Copy Row: This method copies the specified column of a 2D array to a 1D array. This is useful when extracting channel data from a DAQ read.


Additional Resources

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你好,你的measurement studio是正版的吗? 要多少钱哦!一个授权可以装两台吗? 我现在就拷贝了。CWUI.OCX  然后在程序里调用控件,但有个问题只能用30天,不知道你知道怎么解决办法吗? 谢谢!


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