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MSDN VC++开发中心  (AA上得最频繁的网站之一) (AAA 源码搜索, 和Google的源码搜索同级别,甚至更好!  ( AAA 搜索programming书籍中源代码的网站,这个网站的目标是保证软件开发者和技术书籍作家之间联系) ( AAA 免费的在线计算机科学数据和软件开发书籍网站。)  (AAA 交互的 programming 文档,允许你保留许多文档并且记住它们

CodeProject An alternative to CodeGuru, again with loads of sample code, articles and discussion boards. Microsoft's VC++ newsgroup. Microsoft's MFC newsgroup. Public MFC newsgroup.
MFC mailing list The MFC mailing list. Recently taken over by MS. Use subscribe MFC First Name Surname as the text of the message.
Microsofts VC++ page Microsoft's VC++ page.
PJ Naughters home page The authors very own homepage including links to a number of projects I have developed.
Win32 Foundation Classes Sam Blackburn's collection of MFC classes.
MSDN Online All the latest and greatest development news from Microsoft.
Microsoft Knowledge Base The full knowledge base from Microsoft
RogueWave Publishers of a number of well known commercial MFC extension libraries.
The MFC professional Great collection of all things MFC.
MFC DLL Download MFC DLL's for those people who have not got them. These are required by most of my programs including Notpad and Cliptalk
HeadStart Software Includes a diagramming/canvassing MFC extensions.
Relisoft Software Win32 tutorials, C++ sources and free apps
Interface Technologies Contains some programming and computer-related topics such as Visual C++, MFC, and Windows NT
BrowseLC Project BrowseLC is a class library which provides 2 classes which extend the build in Windows List controls The new company which now develops Ultimate Grid, Ultimate Toolbox and Ultimate TCP/IP
MFC Progammers Resources A site dedicated to MFC with loads of links to MFC relating items on the Web
Code-Jobs A site to help find Computer Programming Jobs
Jobs For Programmers The web's top employment site for programmers. Search for jobs in C++, Visual Basic, Java, Oracle, WWW, Cobol, even Telecommute! Thousands of resumes online
Mime++ A C++ class to encapsulate MIME.
Developers.Net A Employment engine for developers Developers of GO++, a graphics components for MFC A number of interesting MFC and SDK apps most including source code.
BCGSoft Some really good GUI MFC code
Kinook Software Home of Visual Build, build management software for Windows and web developers. Thanks. DevSearcher, a portal web site for developers. wxWidgets home, a freeware C++ class framework for GUI development. Producers of an MFC extension library called Prof-UIS, enabling applications to be provided with an up-to-date user interface. C++ FAQ. Very good answer to some of those C++ questions you always have. a portal web site for technical computing. MFC Section at Experts Exchange
UCanCode software Home page of Xtreme Diagram++ MFC Library with full source code Forum Based Web site with information on C, Win32, C++, MFC and C# Tutorials Gigasoft, Inc. Makers of MFC, ActiveX, DLL, and .Net Charting Tools.

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